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There are thousands of holy temples across India and the world. Many devotees wish to visit the temple but due to lack of correct information and resources, they cannot visit. Keeping this in mind, Jipanditji has designed the Temple Darshan Packages that offers ease and simple process to fulfill their wish. Temple Darshan includes travel, hotel stay, Meal, Darshan and Pooja. Now make your wish and Jipanditji will help you to make it happen.

  • First Class Flights

  • 5 Star Accommodations

  • Inclusive Packages

  • Latest Model Vehicles

  • Handpicked Hotels

  • Accesibility managment

  • Personalized Care

  • +120 Premium city tours


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Pushpa Gupta

Delhi, India


I recently booked a Haridwar tour through JiPanditJi and believe me it a one of a Kind experience.The Services are just awesome


Pavitra Sharma

Paris, France


Last minute teertha for me was organized by JiPanditJi in real time. Thanks



Ghaziabad, India


I went to Shukratal and the itinerary was so good.Everything was well organized.I Strongly recommend JiPanditJi for hassle free teertha Yatra packages



Kanpur, UP


I booked a tour for my parents for Vaisno Devi and found all the services very impressive